Monday, October 29, 2007

Three days well spent...

Thursday night hotel stay for 4!

Day 1!

Shuttle to Opening Ceremonies Opening Ceremonies at Southfork Ranch

...the theme song to Dallas came to mind....

Crowds were forming before the sun began to peak out at us.... BRRRRR....

Beautiful single word statement flags carried were carried in by survivors calling us to action

Two very awesome soldiers stood out just a little in the 2600+ crowd.

Maybe it was the clothes or maybe it was the uncomfortable boots

...Mom enjoyed kicking back at lunch.... Frozen chicken sandwiches have never tasted so good....

DAY 2.... 20 Miles down 40 to go!

These lovely 'ladies' cheered us out of our tents to breakfast on the morning of day 2!

Really great suspension bridge with a really long ling of pink ladies on it,
past it and trying to get to it!

We were doing a lot more stretching of our sore muscles on day two than on day one!

This is what happens when you mix icy hot and aspercream on the bottom half of your legs. They start sweating profusely! Just ask Sandy!

Camp and dinner was a very welcome site after our 21.5 miles on day 2. Soldier guy wanted to get a picture with the girls who couldn't stop laughing even after 41.5 miles!

I know it is a little dark but look close! Even tough guys wear pink fuzzy slippers! We think someone took pity on him and donated their slippers to him because all he had were his boots.

We had some after dinner entertainment! He was a walker. When he cam up to the stage to sing he looked like a normal walker.... but as he got going he was a great entertainer....

You have never seen so many ladies go crazy for a guy wearing a pink bra!

Alexis managed to muster up enough energy to get up and dance!

She even looked like she was having fun! :)

We finally visited the foot massage tent at the end of day two! PERFECTION!

Day 3.... Almost done.... only 20 more miles!

All of us are still smiling!

SUPER SANDY! Need I say more?

Early into the day we went through a cheering station and found this adorable little girl with the best sign of all three days! "Mom please hurry home Daddy can't cook!"

This lady was amazing. She came from North Carolina to do the 'walk' but as you can see hers was not a walk. She did all 60 miles in a wheelchair.... she redefines strong women!

Buck up campers! love team ...get over it... we left our mark on the ambulance at
pit stop 3 on day 3 :)

So these are pics of the guy that was entertainment the night before.
He walked in the PINK BRA ALL 3 days!

Leave it to Sandy to get a pic with him :)

This is one of the way too cool safety crew.... we liked her hat and her stubbornness :)

Then of course there was "tent city".... where else can lingerie hanging on the
outside of your tent be way too cute?

We ended at Southern Methodist University where we had a beautifully moving closing ceremonies!

The whole three days was so amazing filled with hysterical moments! (Sandy ~ oh are you walking with your dad?) Moments spent with my mom that I wouldn't trade for anything. The question was posed ... what would you do if you got a deadly diagnosis.... what would you do with the time you had left... how would you change your life? Why are we waiting for that shattering moment? Get out and do those things you dream of doing..... live the way you mean to live.... have the life you create!

I walk because 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life. I spend three days to save the woman that will be diagnosed every 2 and a half minutes in this country. I walk so that the beautiful little people below, my beautiful little people, can live in a world where their mom, their sister, their grandmas and aunts, their friends and their teachers can live without breast cancer.