Sunday, February 1, 2009

Resolution Roundup - February edition

Ok so here it is. My monthly check of how things are going and a chance to get re-focused and back on track.

1. Move across 2009 miles. 1004.5 by foot and 1004.5 on my bike.

~ Well I have covered 69.10 miles in January by foot, well on my way to the goal.

~ Did nothing on a bike but I am not worried about being able, just let it get a little warmer outside :)

2. Blog more

~ I think you have all seen this is happening

3. Cook dinner more. Try at least 2 new recipes a month.

~ Defiantly have cooked dinner more. Only tried one new dish this month. I finally made my mom's minestrone soup. Big hit with the big people, not so much with the little folk. 2 new ones in February I promise.

4. Complete at least 2 craft project a month.

~ I got one done twice so I am going to count it. The first round was not quite what I needed or had in my head so I did a new version of them. I will be posting about them this week. Stay tuned

5. . Take photography classes. It is about time (3 years later) I learn how to take good pics with my fancy camera. And take at least 1 picture a day for 1 year.
~ The photos every day for a year are going to be February to February and I am working on a little project to go along with this one so stay tuned.

6. Practice Yoga at least once a week
~Now that I have survived the goofy challenge we are getting back to a normal pace around here and that includes Yoga once a week  :)

7. Read 12 books. I know that doesn't sound like much but given I have no time this my be the hardest one on the list for me.
~  Ok still working to get this one going.  I got a book that looks like a great book now I just need to find some time to read it.  I do have some car and airplane time coming up soon.  Maybe then.

8. Have some great family pictures taken. We have NONE and the kids are 6 and 8!
~Coming Probably this fall

9. Paint Jorden's room.
~ Hopefully this month!  I am thinking a room makeover might just be her birthday present.

10. Send out Christmas cards this year. (They have been a "not happening" item for 3 years now.)
~ This obviously isn't happening until later this year!

11. Learn how to golf well enough so Bart will actually take me to a course.
~ Coming This spring.

12. Send more thank you notes. (even sending 1 would be more)
~ Need to be better this month.

13. Play more with my kids. Remember to puddle jump in the rain with them at least 6 times this year.
~Enjoyed them a lot more this month.  Especially on our 2 snow days.  I have discovered they can both smoke me on the Wii!

14. Seriously clean and purge 2 rooms a month.
~  Ok you all saw Hunter's room.  I am almost done doing our room as well.  On the schedule for February: Jorden's room and the toy room

15. Have date night at least once a month... every month!
~  Did not happen this month, we went out of town for a chunk of this month.  All ready planned for February.

16. Drink more water... and make way less Sonic stops.

~  Needs work.  That is all I am going to say on this one.

17. Become a knowledgeable coupon user (Megan I might need help)
~This next month is feeling like my month.

18. Climb a mountain

~ There are no mountains to climb here so this will have to happen this summer.

19. Buy less shoes... but purchase 1 pair of crazy beautiful shoes

~  Shoes purchased in January = 1 pair of running shoes (it was past time)

20. Get back to lifting weights and get my strength back.

~  Refer to number 6 on this list.

21. Run a marathon with a finish time that starts with a 4 (so a 4:59:59 would be ok with me)
~ Not yet.

22. Keep my books for work caught up within 2 weeks - all year!

~  Getting it done today.  

23. Finish an Olympic distance triathlon

~  Not in January!  The water is too cold!

24. Get the video camera out and use it more.

~  Help.  I am not good at this.  Any tips?

25. Learn how to use the really cool features of my computer that I know it has.

~ I think there are a few ladies from church that are interested in going to the classes at the Apple store.  So coming soon?

26. Give very thoughtful gifts, not in a hurry gifts

~  did a couple of just because things this month.  Lindsay got a bumble bee bracelet just because it had to be on her wrist.  And a great G for miss Katie.

27. Throw more creative birthday parties for my kids this year instead of the standard kind of parties.

~  I think Bart and I have figured out the birthday party situation this year.  We aren't doing them.  Instead we are going to take the kids to Great Wolf lodge for 2 nights.  They each get a night and the birthday's are taken care of in the same weekend.

28. Take a dance class

~ This is going to have to be latter this year I think

29. Spend a weekend with just my mom and all my sisters.

~ Maybe this summer

30. Find my own personal way to honor my brother.

~  Always evolving but still working on it every day.

31. Remember my word for 2009 daily: BE ... be positive... be still... be involved... be grateful... be smart... be clean... be true... be humble... be prayerful!

~  This word is working in beautifully to my year.  There isn't this example and that example it just is a way of being :)

How are your resolutions coming?
Did you make any?
Make some just for February or that start this month.