Friday, September 30, 2011

Insta-Friday ~ Edition 5... Hawaii Style!

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life rearranged

Coffee Beans - before they are beans - at Kauai Coffee Plantation
Coastal View from Spouting Horn

An ode to the coolest little brother 'Uncle Matt' for coming to be me for 11 days so I could come be in paradise

Our across the street for the week - told you this was paradise

Our very tech savvy way too cute for words house mate - Brynn

Sort of gives new meaning to the term 'Costco Chicken'!

The beautiful stained glass windows of the little 175 year old church we stopped in while driving the coastline.

the sun setting on a fantastic day

Wailua Falls- Kauai

Hanalei Valley Overlook

Brynn = an awesome flower girl even if she didn't do 'the mommy walk'

The beautiful bride and a very proud dad!

Beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding

Our last sunset in Kauai - for now anyways  :)

Hello Honolulu!  

Pearl Harbor


Oil is still leaking almost 70 years later!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Insta-Friday Editon 4 ~ 9.23.2011

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life rearranged

Waiting room entertainment for a potentially sick girl
Negative strep test... a good and a bad thing... now on serious allergy meds!

Friday night date night.... with my favorite 11 year old!!!!

of course he chose Mooyah

a corner we see WAY too often through out the week when running everyone to and from their activities

A Saturday morning 10k.  Of course it was hot and sticky.... 4 years of this race and it is ALWAYS hot and sticky!  Why are we always surprised by this.

Uncle Matt is here!  Let the party begin....

They says birds of a feather flock together.... these two should be nesting together

At least I know they will have clean teeth when we get back.  He can even make brushing their teeth fun!

An 8 and a half hour flight is made much more tolerable with lay flat first class seats.

Dinner on it's way and a movie.  Oh how I love first class.

A little Hawaiian flare served with our dinner.

Woke up to this beautiful sight this morning - Aloha!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Insta-Friday... Edition 3 ~ 9.16.2011

Maybe someday I will blog something other than Insta-Friday..... But until then here is edition 3.  Enjoy!

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life rearranged

While digging cleaning out Hunter's room this was some of the hidden treasure!   13 pairs of headphones!   Seriously kid how many ears do you think you have????

Pretending to not want a picture taken.... Seriously he never learns that I always win  :)  (notice you can see the top of his dresser!)

Jorden claims the only way to get him to stop whining/barking is to get in the box with him?!?  I think she just REALLY REALLY loves him

10 years!  I don't know about you but I was glued to the TV as if it was happening all over again. Still unbelievable ...

Harvey's and Heels for church.

Trying so hard to out walk her mom on stilts!  Didn't even come close!  Yes it is a little known skill I possess!  

Look kids still know how to play even with no cords or plugs or computers ... just good old dominoes.

Much Much needed rain.  Didn't last very long but it was a good little reminder that maybe someday soon Fall will get here

Their first walk together.  Me and Mini ME!
Aftermath of the previously mentioned walk.... 2 tiered puppies.

Trying out a new way to be a little bit more organized.  fantastic little tote that lives in my car and comes in my house and into meetings and the office.......   We'll see if this helps.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Insta-Friday Round 2!

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life rearranged

What do you mean - everyone doesn't have a paper mache rhino ornament in the cup holder of their car?

Yes he did just decide to park right where everyone is supposed to be driving - seriously dude you are not THAT special!
Pavers- it's what we do every flipping Saturday!  And yes that means right through the hottest summer ever in Dallas!

Getting used to the fact that a majority of their homework this year is all online.  Even their text books a re online now!

Who ever said running can't be cute?

YUM - it's what's for dinner!

Speaking of dinner... he is so lazy he has to sit down while he eats?!?

Hydration station

A quick learner - Favorite sleeping spot is right up against the door everyone comes and goes from.

Look maybe they are starting to tolerate each other.

My favorite big doggy!

likes to cuddle with anything... especially the wall

A tricky mommy hides the good stuff in the outside freezer to pull out at midnight

Walls, fences, nothing will stop him from finding dirt to dig in.