Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It is July?!

Goodbye first half of 2012!  We were bad at blogging/recording our life events.  We are resolving to be better at recording the big things and the everyday things beginning NOW!  I am letting go of the feeling that I need to catch up - slightly overwhelming and then I get nothing done - and instead just keep up from this point forward.  So stay tuned (if any one is still even checking this thing) for the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly.  Did I mention we are in Wyoming and all of us have managed to have the stomach bug?  Bart has it today so hopefully tomorrow we can start enjoying this little bit of paradise we escape to once a year.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our January in Pictures!

1.  The Morning Light of a new year- Happy 2012
2.  The glow over Miami before we headed out to run Ragnar Florida Keys
3.  The Speedway at sunset getting ready for the funnest part of Ragnar - the night time!
4.  Teamwork at it's finest- pimping out the van  :)
5.  Hi Ali!
6.  Dance parties & teeth brushing on the dirt roads through the Everglades in the middle of the night 
7.  Exchanges points, always a welcome sight
8.  Strike a pose girls!
9.  Quick Chik - well at least one of us {hint: it's not me}

1.  Jorden had her artwork choose and displayed at the district building.
2.  Found a really fun photo challenge here where she gives you a prompt for every day, you interpret it as you want.  Most people are posting them on instagram  or twitter but you can also blog them Facebook them or just keep them for yourself.  This will be a fun way to track the year.  I stumbled onto it on day 12 so my plan is to do it through the 12th of January 2013.  This picture was {close up}.
3.  Day 13 {in your bag} too much stuff!
4.  A day off of school included a little private gym time
5.  Something in this pictures is not where it belongs.  Can you see it?
6.  Day 14 {something your reading}  This particular day it was the score board at a gym meet
7. Day 15 {Happiness}  family and a couple of crazy dogs
8.  Day 16 {morning}  most of my mornings begin here
9.  Day 17 {water}  

1.  Day 18 {something you bought}  Some of my favorite somethings I bought come home in these bags
2. Day 19 {sweet}  as sweet as it gets doing a whole30 
(this was very short lived but I will be trying again VERY soon)
3.  Jorden's arm!  After 10 days of antibiotics for a sinus thing this showed up on her arm causing us and her doctor to be VERY VERY concerned to say the least!  
4.  Day 20 {someone you love}  a someone I love who was not having a good work and who's day was about to get even worse  
5.  And those lovely arms caused us to spend an evening down at Dallas Children's.  Good new she is as healthy as a horse but we still have no real explanation for the mystery bruises.
6.  Day 21 {reflection} at the gas station - always on the go!
7.  Day 22 {your shoes} 80 degrees means flip lops
8.  Day 23 {something old} our old Singer machine
9.  Day 24 {guilty pleasure} dove chocolate, trisim, new running shoes and red toe nails

1.  Day 25 {something you made}  Pulled pork tacos from a recipe found on Pinterest and they were good!  Speaking of Pinterest are you on there?  Want to follow me?  Here I am!
2.  Day 26 {color}  I love all the color i am surrounded with every day
3.  Day 27 {lunch}  It was just one of those kind of days
4.  Day 28 {lights} a cautionary one reminding me to fix the lights on my car
5.  Day 29 {inside your fridge}  
6.  Hunter got his First and Second class for scouts.  He is in a race to get his Eagle before his dad did!
7.  Day 30 {nature}  Grapevine Lake
8.  Day 31 {you again} a day of errands like getting the nail out my tire!
9.  It is January right?  I will take the 82 degrees!