Sunday, September 7, 2008

On your mark.... get set.... GO GO GO!

Oh my 5 more days and a whole month is gone! Where have we been? Fast fast recap....

Got home from vacation and played hermit for a week or so catching up on work work work. Few things of note... when mom is playing hermit from the world catching up, small people get away with more than normal! Lots of Fresca through red straws (she will only use the red ones?!?!?!?) and Hunter got a little creative with a very large bowl for breakfast... apparently he was hungry.

Bart had a business trip for a few days to Salt Lake and a really quick swing by the cabin. Nice preview to get him even more excited... keep reading :)

We finally went ice skating again after the kids had been asking all summer.

Hunter's scout troop had the privilege of meeting troops at the airport as they came home from serving. This was an amazing morning, I am glad I got them both up at the crack of dawn at the end of summer to do this.

Let balloons off with well wishes for NieNie and Mr Nielson with the Graham clan.  I have read Stephanie's blog for quite some time... recently her and her husband were in a serious plane crash.  She is a beautiful young mother of four children.  Both her and her husband are in critical condition, her with 80% of her body covered with burns and his 30%.  One of their family traditions is to let off balloons with wishes written on them for each family members birthday.  On August 23 at the same moment around the world thousands of people who have grown to love Stephanie let off balloons with wishes for them!  You can read the whole story on her sisters blog (and keep updated on current happenings) CJane.  She inspires me daily with her strength and courage and optimism... oh and her humor.  Go read... everyone should  :)

Kicked off the insane running season with the Hottest Half. It was Lindsay's first half and of course the bug that had been roaming through her small people all week hit her several times along the trail! She was a serious trooper and was determined to finish... (I don't think I would have) and sure enough we walked across the finish line together!

School started! I think I can hear the hallelujah chorus chiming away in the background! Can you hear it :) Here are the obligatory first day of school pics...

He came down stairs with this goofy hat and a matching look on his face and asked in all seriousness... 'Mom, do I look like a garden gnome?'...then started giggling... 'cause he really did!

After the first day of school soccer season kicked into full tilt with practice for Hunter. During Hunter's practice time this season Jorden is doing gymnastics. I don't know if she has ever been more excited or more in her element than while she was in class.... maybe this is her thing... jury is still out :)

I went back to run the Disney half again this year. Funny I know two Sunday's two races.... Managed to finish almost 10 minutes faster than last year. I even got two medals this year for completing the Coast to Coast Disney challenge (did Disney World and Disney Land in the same calender year)!

I got home from California in time to see Bart off to Wyoming for 3 Weeks! While he is spending time here.....

I am working on projects like this.... (sneak peek as to the beginning of an influx of color to our still 5.5 years later builder bland flat paint walls)

I also got a delivery the afternoon that Bart left.... someone was thinking ahead... Thanks :)

What's on the schedule for this week....
2 soccer practices, 3 soccer games, 1 gymnastics class, 2 piano lessons, 1 scout den meeting, 2 trips to the airport, 1 date night with my hubby (he is flying back in for one night), 2 homework packets, 1 all about me project, at least 2 miles of swimming, 2 bike rides, and about 40 miles on foot... and it is only Sunday night, there is still plenty of time for another 100 things to squeeze onto the calender... happy week ya'll... hopefully we can all survive!