Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How my little girl reminds me she may be little but deals with big things!

A few Jorden things of note...

1. The other day the kids and I were in the gap outlet waiting to see a movie and they were looking around for a couple of summer things. Jorden found just what she wanted, a shirt that reads "Little girl, Big dreams". She told me she really needed this shirt because she really liked what it said. She does have big dreams.... she let's me know about them everyday and if you know her.... she is not all that big :) 

2. The kids school has a publishing company where the kids can write a book and they will make it into a real bound book. Well Jorden heard of this and HAD to do one. The catch... she found out about it the night before the deadline! So we stayed up and got it done. She wrote a little story, and drew pictures of a dog named Pokers. These books are due at the begining of the year and quite honestly I had kind of forgoten about it... until yesterday. She came bounding around the corner, skipping with the biggest smile on her face, out of school with her book in her little hands. She was so proud of herself. We got home and she got distracted and finally set her book down. So I picked it up to take a look at it. I opened it up to find this....

She came down stairs and noticed the tears in my eyes. She climbed up on my lap and told me she wanted to go and leave her book with him when we go home this summer. I asked her if maybe we could just take it up there and have a little picnic and she could read it to him and she thought that sounded like a good idea, trying to hide how happy she was that she could keep her book and share it at the same time.

3. Such a little girl, but handles big things the best she can. She is trying to process loosing her Uncle Michael in her little mind. She is trying to express herself, her feelings the best she can. I get new pictures and notes everyday. Sometimes they are for Grandma.. (Yes we have a bunch to send you) sometimes they aren't meant for anybody, but always straight from her heart.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Mother's day to me!

Thanks to some not too subtle hints.... The kids and Bart got me my mother's day present this last weekend.  

I know most people might not be too excited about a treadmill, but I really am.  With Bart traveling now my mornings (even the wee hours that I normally lay claim to) are not available for me to put in some miles on the road so now I can keep up with my training/new years resolutions/ keeping my sanity.  The kids are even excited and love taking their turns every day!