Thursday, July 30, 2009

Help us name this new addition!

This little puppy is going to be joining our family in September! There are a few names floating around but none of them seem to be just right. Suggestions?

A Photo Story (and proof we have been alive) of the last 8 weeks!

How time flies when you are away having fun. So here is the run down on where the MIA Bailey family has been.....

Rows and rows of goody boxes must mean one thing...

Another Ragnar!

Our night before meet up at Chelle's house. It isn't easy to co-ordinate 24 strangers from around the country :)

I feel so lucky to have done this and gotten to know these 23 other amazing ladies!

Kelly's stinky shoes riding on top of the car... yes they were that bad :)

when you feel like flipping off mother nature... she fights back!

There were frantic clapping games with crazy fun uncles!

There was lounging in the backyard
(she was smiling right before this and then pinched her fingers)

Then we all (21 of us) made the trek up to Alpine Wyoming for the 4t of July! Fun abounded everywhere. This just might be the new family tradition!

Crafting in the cabins...
They even got to be in the Afton Parade!
Earl just might have had the biggest truck too!

Crazy candy collecting....

Becoming a true local!

Then there were the games. Popcorn races, flag relays, and water balloon parachute volley ball which quickly deteriorated into just water balloons.

Hunter got to be big and go play paintball with the guys!

We hiked up to inspiration point and hidden falls after a
beautiful ride across Jenny Lake.

The buffalo that we watched some lady make some very poor decisions around :)

We celebrated Papa's birthday with tinfoil dinners in little Gray's canyon
followed by fishing.

The benefit of Granny and Papa still having a place in California is fresh squeezed grapefruit juice in the beautiful surroundings of Wyoming!

Megan took us to this great little splash park in Herriman.

We did the midnight showing in full costume of Harry Potter!

We hung out with Brendan for a couple days, and nights, while Lauren worked on getting little miss Jane here!
And she finally got here!

Look at all that black hair!
She has super long feet

We enjoyed Draper Days! 5k with the whole family, the kids at the carnival with Grandpa, swimming and a bb-q at the Malmrose house, the horse pull and Fireworks!

A priceless moment of a second generation of friends. Kora even gave Hunter her address so they could write to each other.

Never to early to get in on the family tradition of Wacky Six! 5 days is a new record.

Cowabunga Bay. The kids saw this for six weeks and begged and pleaded until we finally gave in 3 days before we left.

On the way home we spent a day in Moab. We went to Arches, swam in Mill Creek and got part of the way out to Michael's crash site. The dirt was just too soft and the impending rain clouds over head made us hesitant to go any farther. Next time we will rent a Jeep and get all the way out there.

Other things we did that we don't have pictures for:

~ The Oquirrh Hills Temple Open House
~ The Jon Schmidt Concert
~ Taking the kids to see a group called Eclipse at the Sandy ampitheater.
~ The Lehi Rec center with Megan and the kids
~ Watching Jorden play basketball with Deitrich (who is 6+ feet tall)
~ Meeting and holding Brynn
~ Jumping on the trampoline with Lauren to try and get that baby out!
~ Pulling off Sandy's surprise birthday party
~ Raspberry shakes at bear lake