Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The last 30 days and the next 16!

We are going to have a review of our numbers :) Hopefully you can all keep up!

What have we done in the last 30 days you ask... or at least Sharon did...

1. We (as in Bart) ripped out the carpet in the toy room and put in hardwood ~ whoooo hoooo!

2. Jorden turned 6! My baby is 6.... and I guess she isn't a baby anymore! She can't stop turning cartwheels ~ no matter where she is... no kidding! She has lost two teeth and according to her at least 4 more loose ones. She is loving to be a real girly girl and won't go anywhere without her makeup on... even to soccer with blue eyeshadow.

3. Hunter turned 8! AAAAHHHHH! We are now knee deep in cub scouts and he is LOVING every minute of it! He has found a love of reading which is somewhat shocking to Bart and I... he must get it from his Granny and his Grandpa. He is finally looking like a big kid to everyone ~ not just his mom.

4. Bart went back to the Dominican Republic again. This time though he got to take a helicopter ride and play golf right on the beautiful coast line!

5. My little sister Lauren finally graduated from rehab! It was so amazing to see her stand up in front of everyone clean and looking more beautiful than we have seen her in years. I believe she has been helped and helped so many others along her journey and will continue to change peoples lives. She has such potential and i think she can see it now too! Way to go Lauren!

6. I went to Salt Lake and back in 36 hours. See number 5 if you are wondering why I would do something like that! :)

7. I ran 122.7 miles. If you are wondering what would ever posses me to do that keep reading. It will all be revealed in the next section of our numbers review! That 122.7 miles included my fastest 10K that I ran last weekend. 59:04 not too shabby!

8. Bart had a spot of skin cancer removed off of his face. Seems to be fine now... just recovering from the extended nap he got to take.

9. We have had a few hail/thunder/tornado issues.... but nothing quite like last night or should I say really early this morning!

Well that was a review..... here is what our next 16 days all ready have on the calender!

5 Soccer practices & 5 soccer games!

a 6 day visit from Granny & Pappa

1 combined birthday party in a private theater with 40+ kids to see Nim's Island

1 Baptism!!!! AAAAHHHH.... I can't be possibly old enough to have this happening yet can I

2 Piano lessons

1 Half marathon here in Dallas

1 flight back to Salt Lake

42 more miles to run.... oh yea plus the 26.2 that i am doing on the 19th.

I think we might be a little bit busy!


The Eberhardt Family said...

1. you kill me
2. you go girl
3. when will you sleep?
4. you are a mad woman
5. refer back to numbers 1-4

Suzie Petunia said...

WOW! What a busy woman! Good luck with ALL of that... especially the running, cause, you know I love that stuff.

The Yost Family said...

Loved the pics of the DR - so pretty!

I'm dying by how much you have run so far!