Monday, May 12, 2008

And the answer is...

Ok so the responses on here and via the phone were pretty funny..... so here it is.... (drum roll please)

Appreciate Mom Week

Sunday May 3 – Sunday May 11th

We love you so much and we are dedicating a week just to you. We want you to relax and enjoy a week on us. This week is designed so that you can spend some time doing thing for you and spending time with us. Each day you will receive a surprise as way of letting you know how much we love you and appreciate everything you do.
· No Cooking
· No Grocery Shopping
· No Ribbon Orders
· No Cleaning
· No Post Office Trips
· No putting away laundry (you can still put it in the machine)
· Must be in bed by 9:30 every night
· Daily Soaking Bath
· Daily Massage

These rules are subject to change without notice and can be altered to increase the mom happiness.

Last week Hunter and Bart started giving me little clues as to what was going to be happening this past week and that they had a secret. {Hunter's clue was that it ended with a K which totally threw me off} So last Saturday I was given a sheet of paper with the above printed on it and told me I would loose my stars {we have star charts going right now for the kids to earn a trip to Six Flags this summer} if I didn't abide by the rules. So here is how all of my little clues fit into my week :)

Coupons :) The kids made me a whole bunch of coupons and are very anxious for me to redeem them. Thanks to a bit of help from Dad they have a lot of clean your room redemptions coming up soon :)

Toenails... I do still have all of mine (sorry Ang about the loss) and they are pretty! Got a pedicure! And they even have sparkles which you can't really see

Flower petals didn't get a picture.... since they were in my bubble bath.... but they were fresh from our garden.... my green thumb husband has some great things going on in our backyard.... I think it is his small way of making August in Texas seem not so bad when we can walk out on our soft green grass and not the scratchy stuff most every one else has.

Ribbon Rolling..... where oh where shall I start?

Not only did I not cut or roll any orders this week.... I got 2 days {and it still isn't done} to work on the ribbon room... and it needed the attention... {Megan just keep scrolling to the after pictures so you don't have to call me later :)}



Yes Megan that is the floor and the countertop you can see at the same time.... just for you :)

Since Bart was cooking.... he also did all of the grocery shopping since him doing the cooking isn't really out of the normal for us :) He did great... we had real yummy dinners with new foods the kids discovered they actually liked.... who knew my picky eaters would love Halibut. Last night for mother's day it was extra special though.... NY Strip steak... King Crab legs baked potatoes and asparagus! The kids loved the crab.... whoooo hooo.... I have fish eaters!

laundry, laundry, laundry so while I was still allowed to put it in the machine... {long story as to why Bart isn't allowed to do the laundry} the biggest surprise with this and joy was in the picture below....

Now don't be fooled... it doesn't look like much or even anything right.... but this is Jorden's Mount Everest. That girl has to have everything in order and lined up.... don't believe me go grocery shopping with her and you will run from the store screaming.... but when it comes to her room it is the total and complete opposite! So one morning in an effort to comply with mom appreciation week... and a little star chart bribe from dad.... she got up without me have to ask 47 thousand times.... got dressed and hold your hats folks... she brought her pj's down to the laundry room!!!!! That is HUGE for her!!!! and boy did I appreciate it :)

notes.... all week I found little notes here and there from the three other people in the house... this one from the littlest of the bunch was slipped on my pillow....

cleaning supplies was kind of a trick one.... it is on the list because I get to use them a little bit less.... we hired a housekeeper finally! She comes every other week {the kids still need to learn how to clean a little bit :) } and in my opinion is heaven sent.

9:30 pm see the rules list.... and yes as hard as it is to believe.... it happened

Employees an effort to ease my stress a little {or a lot if you talk to me come October} Bart started the hunt for an employee or two :)

Other highlights of the week....

Now while this may look like your normal copier/scanner/fax all rolled into one it is a huge solution to a major paper clutter problem we have at our house. We have a paper copy of every order placed on our site and that is just about to click over to 10000. So now I just need to find the time to scan them all onto 3 or 4 nice small cd's that don't require so much of our precious attic storage space to keep.

I got into The St. George Marathon.... seems like it was about 50/50 over at Marathon Mommy so I feel pretty lucky to get in on the first try :) Got to see Made of Honor.... go see it ~ it is very very funny! Had lunch with both kids at school one day. Had heart shaped waffles and bacon for breakfast in bed with Jorden Sunday morning. Got a great new album on iTunes by Augustana (their new one) and love every song on ... which doesn't normaly happen. I know there was more that I am forgetting right now but I think you probably get the idea. It was a really great week thanks to the three great and amazing people that live under this roof with me :)


Sharon said...

Wow! on the week of pampering! Wow!! on the ribbon room. Wow!!! on 9:30 bedtime... but I am sort of skeptical about that one. It does explain the 4am gym swim you mentioned this morning.


PS Made-of-Honor would have been cuter without the questionable sex-related "humor". It really bugged and I've actually warned people AWAY from it... just a flipside reaction for your reading public. : )

Leslie said...

You are one lucky girl!! I am glad you had such a wonderful week.
I am so excited about the St. George Marathon. I would love to run it again someday!

M&M said...

Way to go Bart! And yes, I appreciate the ribbon room pics!

M&M said...

Okay, 2 M&M's this is really confusing me!! This is Kelly from Marathon Mommies. I just wanted to say WoW! What a fabulous week! Good job to Bart and the kids. I hope you enjoyed every minute- I am sure you did. I loved the before and after pics, and I am so happy you got into St. George. I will be there to cheer you guys on.

The Eberhardt Family said...

oh, what a family. way to go kiddos and bart!!!! i would have never gotten those clues in a million bajillion years. too fun! you are one great mommma!

JP said...

Holy cow...what a present!! Mad props to the honey and the kids on this one!! They are setting that bar HIGH!

Very, very cool...

Ang said...

WOW!!!!! Sounds like one GREAT week! You have an amazing family.

Keri said...

RIBBON ROOM! those pictures made me smile! My craft room has a way of looking like the 2 before pictures.