Sunday, June 22, 2008

Report card for the first two weeks of summer...

Our first full week of summer held soccer camp for both of the wild things.  Hunter loved the coaches that came over for the MLS camp last year so we signed both of them up for it this year.  They both {even Jorden who we were beginning to think maybe soccer wasn't her thing} came away at the end of the week asking if they could go again!  

Hunter had his spring piano recital.  This time he managed to memorize his songs ~ both of them.  I do think he is enjoying it but was ready for it to be a summer break.

We ~ as in Bart and I ~ had a beautiful moment at the Apple store.  {I think Hunter thought he had died and gone to heaven in there too  :)}  The box below came home with us  :)  Fast new computer = happy more rested mommy  :)

Week one ... PASS

Week two has included a new adventure for the Bailey house... Cub Scout Day Camp!  WOW!  That is all I can say.  There are, thankfully, some very very dedicated people that made the week a perfectly memorable week for our boys... small tornado and all!

While Hunter was at scout camp.... Jorden was lost!  She needs him to function and that became very obvious very quickly.  So we did things that Hunter would never dream of agreeing to.  The best part of our week was the tea party she had for her American Girl dolls.... Kit, Samantha, and Ellie.

She and I also found some perfect shoes that had to come home with us and have not left her feet since.
We closed out week two with our first of I'm sure what will be many trips to the pool.  Finally this year they can both swim!  

Week 2.... Another Passing Grade!

As a closing shot.... we are all very excited about the upcoming Olympics.  Especially little miss Jorden.  The gymnastics trials this weekend made her head twirl... along with the rest of her body ~ literally!  I think we will have to give gymnastics a try this fall.  After all with this kind of talent who knows maybe the Olympics of 2016...


Morgan said...

Oh my gosh - she must have some Doane in her. No one can hold a spoon on their nose like a Doane.

The Eberhardt Family said...

wow, what a summer already. love the shoes. i have some flips like that, too. great minds think alike!?!

marathon mom said...

Sounds like a great summer so far! I hope your Goofy Challenge training is going well- I am VERY jealous of your race calendar, I cannot wait to get back up to speed! I love your blog- and the 200 have and have nots list- that was so much fun to read!