Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SPT ~ I resolve to take more pictures with the ones I love!

It has been an amazing week! I will write more later, right now I am supposed to be packing us up to go home this afternoon. But I didn't want to miss my SPT challenge already. After all I did complete the Goofy challenge this week, so this one should be a piece of cake. Don't mind the unedited photos I am not on my computer.

This one is after the marathon! Check out all the bling you get for being crazy enough to run a half (13.1 miles) on Saturday and a full (26.2 miles) on Sunday!

This one is last night, our last night at this magical place.

As always, to see more SPT Challenges go here!


lelly said...

woohoo!!! i am so proud of you for doing the challenge.

(we were in disney a few years ago during the challenge, and i remember being really wow-ed by all the participants.) what a great accomplishment!

magical, indeed.

Holly said...

CONGRATS! Boy, that's a lot of miles in two days. How are you feeling now?

Love that bling.

MaryRC said...

good for you for that bling and im a big big fan of the magical place.

Jeanette said...

Way to go! I need to get off of my fanny and do something like that. Thanks for the inspiration!

Ann said...

If I were to take a photo after running a mile it would have to be of me on the ground...20+ miles standing and looking cute is down right crazy! :D