Sunday, February 1, 2009

Resolution Roundup - February edition

Ok so here it is. My monthly check of how things are going and a chance to get re-focused and back on track.

1. Move across 2009 miles. 1004.5 by foot and 1004.5 on my bike.

~ Well I have covered 69.10 miles in January by foot, well on my way to the goal.

~ Did nothing on a bike but I am not worried about being able, just let it get a little warmer outside :)

2. Blog more

~ I think you have all seen this is happening

3. Cook dinner more. Try at least 2 new recipes a month.

~ Defiantly have cooked dinner more. Only tried one new dish this month. I finally made my mom's minestrone soup. Big hit with the big people, not so much with the little folk. 2 new ones in February I promise.

4. Complete at least 2 craft project a month.

~ I got one done twice so I am going to count it. The first round was not quite what I needed or had in my head so I did a new version of them. I will be posting about them this week. Stay tuned

5. . Take photography classes. It is about time (3 years later) I learn how to take good pics with my fancy camera. And take at least 1 picture a day for 1 year.
~ The photos every day for a year are going to be February to February and I am working on a little project to go along with this one so stay tuned.

6. Practice Yoga at least once a week
~Now that I have survived the goofy challenge we are getting back to a normal pace around here and that includes Yoga once a week  :)

7. Read 12 books. I know that doesn't sound like much but given I have no time this my be the hardest one on the list for me.
~  Ok still working to get this one going.  I got a book that looks like a great book now I just need to find some time to read it.  I do have some car and airplane time coming up soon.  Maybe then.

8. Have some great family pictures taken. We have NONE and the kids are 6 and 8!
~Coming Probably this fall

9. Paint Jorden's room.
~ Hopefully this month!  I am thinking a room makeover might just be her birthday present.

10. Send out Christmas cards this year. (They have been a "not happening" item for 3 years now.)
~ This obviously isn't happening until later this year!

11. Learn how to golf well enough so Bart will actually take me to a course.
~ Coming This spring.

12. Send more thank you notes. (even sending 1 would be more)
~ Need to be better this month.

13. Play more with my kids. Remember to puddle jump in the rain with them at least 6 times this year.
~Enjoyed them a lot more this month.  Especially on our 2 snow days.  I have discovered they can both smoke me on the Wii!

14. Seriously clean and purge 2 rooms a month.
~  Ok you all saw Hunter's room.  I am almost done doing our room as well.  On the schedule for February: Jorden's room and the toy room

15. Have date night at least once a month... every month!
~  Did not happen this month, we went out of town for a chunk of this month.  All ready planned for February.

16. Drink more water... and make way less Sonic stops.

~  Needs work.  That is all I am going to say on this one.

17. Become a knowledgeable coupon user (Megan I might need help)
~This next month is feeling like my month.

18. Climb a mountain

~ There are no mountains to climb here so this will have to happen this summer.

19. Buy less shoes... but purchase 1 pair of crazy beautiful shoes

~  Shoes purchased in January = 1 pair of running shoes (it was past time)

20. Get back to lifting weights and get my strength back.

~  Refer to number 6 on this list.

21. Run a marathon with a finish time that starts with a 4 (so a 4:59:59 would be ok with me)
~ Not yet.

22. Keep my books for work caught up within 2 weeks - all year!

~  Getting it done today.  

23. Finish an Olympic distance triathlon

~  Not in January!  The water is too cold!

24. Get the video camera out and use it more.

~  Help.  I am not good at this.  Any tips?

25. Learn how to use the really cool features of my computer that I know it has.

~ I think there are a few ladies from church that are interested in going to the classes at the Apple store.  So coming soon?

26. Give very thoughtful gifts, not in a hurry gifts

~  did a couple of just because things this month.  Lindsay got a bumble bee bracelet just because it had to be on her wrist.  And a great G for miss Katie.

27. Throw more creative birthday parties for my kids this year instead of the standard kind of parties.

~  I think Bart and I have figured out the birthday party situation this year.  We aren't doing them.  Instead we are going to take the kids to Great Wolf lodge for 2 nights.  They each get a night and the birthday's are taken care of in the same weekend.

28. Take a dance class

~ This is going to have to be latter this year I think

29. Spend a weekend with just my mom and all my sisters.

~ Maybe this summer

30. Find my own personal way to honor my brother.

~  Always evolving but still working on it every day.

31. Remember my word for 2009 daily: BE ... be positive... be still... be involved... be grateful... be smart... be clean... be true... be humble... be prayerful!

~  This word is working in beautifully to my year.  There isn't this example and that example it just is a way of being :)

How are your resolutions coming?
Did you make any?
Make some just for February or that start this month.


everything pink said...

you might want to check out 2cleverblog today..... you are a winner!!!

Leslie said...

I seriously wish I had your energy! I am working on one goal the entire year. I do make weekly goals though! They are just smaller.

Ashley said...

That's quite a list! go girl!

Sharon said...

I like the 2009 miles part... do they count when you drive to OK for a race? : )

How about when I drive all over creation each summer?!

Am secretly contemplating becoming a crazy running friend. Hmmmm...

Katie said...

Erin, you are doing a great job with all of your resolutions. I couldn't keep track of this many; I love your detail! Hope the race in OK was fun, give the Eberhardt's a squeeze from the Grahams! And consider your clan squeezed too ;)

Brooke.Serial.Scrapper said...

IlOVE YOUE BE's! That is such a good thing to live by!