Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pass the ketchup please!

Ok so maybe not the Ketchup.... but definitely the catch up! I really have no valid reason as to why it has been a month and a half since I wrote, but I will say we have been very busy. Where have we been? Well let's see...

Lots and lots of soccer. The kids are going again. Hunter's team is doing really well again this season. This due in large part to an amazing coaching staff that they have. It just works and they have fun while winning and loosing (which doesn't happen very often). This season I am filling the role as Jorden's coach. Her team may have won one or two games over the last 3 seasons so all of the parents are coming into this with low expectations. It has been a very interesting challenge. we have a few strong personalities on and off the field which I am sure will be good content for future posts! Let's just say we have all ready had 1 girl removed from the field for pushing. Bart's season is hopefully going to be off hold here soon. At the end of the last season a few weeks ago he had an injury (just about tore his Achilles tendon) but he seems to be healing ok. He was on crutches for a little while though. The night we went to the ER I couldn't stop laughing while I was sitting there with him. Not that I didn't feel for him.... but normally it is me on the table from some very graceful maneuver I have made. It was just nice to have the roles reversed.

For valentines day we ventured up to Edmond Oklahoma to visit friends and have a girls run on Saturday morning. It was called the Frigid Five and it was Lindsay's way of making us come. Let's just be clear that the race is appropriately named! It was 28 degrees at the start... plus a nice gusty wind that made the wind chill colder! We survived and had fun while doing it. After a freezing five miles we went to POPS for lunch. Very fun diner that has been on the food network and resides on historic route 66. We watched Kate devour her weight in french fries and then had to send Michele and Abby on their way back home. We spent the afternoon watching nascar, playing the Wii and just catching up. That evening included a yummy Mexican food dinner minus the kids. After church Sunday morning we said goodbye and headed home, and we are counting the days till we see each other again. Wasatch Back here we come!

Next up.... my baby turned 7! Yep you read that right. She really isn't a baby anymore and she reminds me of that everyday. She prefers the following terms of endearment... monkey, lady, crazy, lovebug, kart wheel maniac, bookworm, sleeping beauty (whispered in her ear every morning to get her up) .... She is such a sweet little girl and knows just the right moments to give a hug to cheer me up or silly little things to say to make us all laugh. I feel so lucky to be her mom.

In lieu of birthday parties this year we took the kids to Great Wolf lodge for the weekend. They had an enormous amount of fun, and mom and dad were more than happy to not have to do the whole birthday party thing this year.

Last weekend I headed down to Florida with some girlfriends for the inaugural Princess half marathon at Disney World. I tried sushi for the first time and quite enjoyed it, sat on a Harley (all in style with my coach bag on the back) and continued my quest for the pink Lego's (more on that at a later date). It was a lot of fun and a very nice way to rejuvenate myself. The race went fine, not my best time ever but I attribute that to being in a costume and having some issues with my shorts rubbing? where they never do. Hopefully I have that figured out because I have another race tomorrow. Do two Half marathons within a week make a whole? :)

We should be all caught up now. This week is spring break, the return of SPT posts, another resolution round up, and maybe even a few more photos!


JP said...

look at you go, Girl!

I love the princess costumes. FUN.

Brooke.Serial.Scrapper said...

OH MY GOODNES! Look at you go, it lloks like you had a blast.. I am so NOT a runner.. I walk slowly on the treadmill yeah I admitt it I am so lazy... Hey I was thinkin' when you worked at Babie's R Us and had Hunter didn't he have a little bump on his head you were going to have checked out? What did it turn out to be? And it that wasn't you then by all means just totally ignore the question... He looks wonderfull and healthy so I take it that there was nothing bad! Good times at Good Old Babie's R Us..! Better than Alta anyway.