Monday, February 11, 2008

We finally did it!

Well Bart and I finally did it. We went on a vacation with just us and left the kids home! I know it is hard to believe.... but we did and we even went far away. At the end of January he had a conference in Puerto Rico. Who can pass up perfect temps and a beach for 4 days in January?!?!?! So I went and sat on the beach and read a book... (I know so many unbelievable things in one post :P). Now we are really looking forward to our 10 year anniversary trip this fall now that I know the kids will be fine and my business won't implode if I leave for a few day... hopefully.

Out of our hotel room balcony

This was in Old San Juan... a huge fort from the Spanish American War.... on Sunday this field out front was full of people and tons of kites... full of energy and when we went back on Tuesday it was totally empty

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The Yost Family said...

looks amazing! I love get-aways without the kids :)