Friday, September 23, 2011

Insta-Friday Editon 4 ~ 9.23.2011

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life rearranged

Waiting room entertainment for a potentially sick girl
Negative strep test... a good and a bad thing... now on serious allergy meds!

Friday night date night.... with my favorite 11 year old!!!!

of course he chose Mooyah

a corner we see WAY too often through out the week when running everyone to and from their activities

A Saturday morning 10k.  Of course it was hot and sticky.... 4 years of this race and it is ALWAYS hot and sticky!  Why are we always surprised by this.

Uncle Matt is here!  Let the party begin....

They says birds of a feather flock together.... these two should be nesting together

At least I know they will have clean teeth when we get back.  He can even make brushing their teeth fun!

An 8 and a half hour flight is made much more tolerable with lay flat first class seats.

Dinner on it's way and a movie.  Oh how I love first class.

A little Hawaiian flare served with our dinner.

Woke up to this beautiful sight this morning - Aloha!


Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Glad it wasn't strep especially as you were preparing to leave... looks like the kids are going to have fun. :)
Hot and sticky, not the 'best' running conditions. It was cooler weather all week leading up to the mini I did a few weeks ago now and wouldn't you know hot and sticky is what we got that morning?!?
Have a fabulous time in Hawaii!

Anna said...

Oh Hawaii sounds fab! And how'd the 10k go besides hot? I'm training for one in about a month!

teri lynn said...

Wow! Have an amazing trip!