Friday, September 9, 2011

Insta-Friday Round 2!

Hey maybe this one will stick around!  Linking up with Life Rearranged for her Insta Friday link Party.

life rearranged

What do you mean - everyone doesn't have a paper mache rhino ornament in the cup holder of their car?

Yes he did just decide to park right where everyone is supposed to be driving - seriously dude you are not THAT special!
Pavers- it's what we do every flipping Saturday!  And yes that means right through the hottest summer ever in Dallas!

Getting used to the fact that a majority of their homework this year is all online.  Even their text books a re online now!

Who ever said running can't be cute?

YUM - it's what's for dinner!

Speaking of dinner... he is so lazy he has to sit down while he eats?!?

Hydration station

A quick learner - Favorite sleeping spot is right up against the door everyone comes and goes from.

Look maybe they are starting to tolerate each other.

My favorite big doggy!

likes to cuddle with anything... especially the wall

A tricky mommy hides the good stuff in the outside freezer to pull out at midnight

Walls, fences, nothing will stop him from finding dirt to dig in.


The Morris Family said...

Looks like your doggie "owns" the place......kinda like out two inside ones!!! how does that happen???? we have a yorkie and a malteese!!!

Erin said...

Oh ya, Hydration Station!!!! I'm envious!!!

Matt Doane said...

Bahahaha "Especially the Wall"

Anonymous said...

We have a doodle too. Well, 2 of them: a maltipoo and a goldendoodle. Our Max (goldendoodle) looks like your big guy. :) Great pics! Thanks for sharing! We have our "special ice cream" in our fridge in our bedroom closet. ;) It's a walk-in.