Friday, September 30, 2011

Insta-Friday ~ Edition 5... Hawaii Style!

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life rearranged

Coffee Beans - before they are beans - at Kauai Coffee Plantation
Coastal View from Spouting Horn

An ode to the coolest little brother 'Uncle Matt' for coming to be me for 11 days so I could come be in paradise

Our across the street for the week - told you this was paradise

Our very tech savvy way too cute for words house mate - Brynn

Sort of gives new meaning to the term 'Costco Chicken'!

The beautiful stained glass windows of the little 175 year old church we stopped in while driving the coastline.

the sun setting on a fantastic day

Wailua Falls- Kauai

Hanalei Valley Overlook

Brynn = an awesome flower girl even if she didn't do 'the mommy walk'

The beautiful bride and a very proud dad!

Beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding

Our last sunset in Kauai - for now anyways  :)

Hello Honolulu!  

Pearl Harbor


Oil is still leaking almost 70 years later!

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