Sunday, October 9, 2011

Insta-Friday ~ Edition 6... 10.7.2011

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life rearranged

I'm not going to lie.... It is REALLY hard to pass these up!
Well now that is an odd place to find a pin - In the fan?

Little bitty figured out how to get up on the furniture.... no where is safe now!

They are back! - It's pomegranate season!

Giving the cooking thing a try  ;)

Coming over the seat on the way to the vet

cook book's are for cooking- not for eating!  Thanks Winston!

Learning to shoot an AR-15 at the all women's gun clinic  :)

After my little brother's comments to the previous pictures on Facebook I had to get one of me with the cheetah print AR in my purse  :)
My little expiration date keeper.... noticed the dates on the Jello and built a tower out of it


Matt Doane said...
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Matt Doane said...

You can thank Ms. Jorden for Winston being able to get up on the furniture. But you didn't hear it from me... :)