Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome... enter if you dare!

Welcome to the insane world of the Bailey family! Too many of you want regular updates on what we are doing and we at this house have no time to keep everyone up to date! I wish we could but we are up to our necks (literally in some rooms) in ribbon, or trying to catch a flight to the next business meeting, being run over by some skinny little legs with big roller blades at the bottom or possibly we are just having our ear talked off by the chatty patty that lives here!

So to catch everyone up I do ribbon all the time.... when I sleep I dream of it when I am awake I am cutting or rolling or shipping it. I have discovered that I love to run and have a fabulous group of girlfriends I run with several times a week. We are gearing up for our girls trip to run The Disneyland Half Marathon over labor day weekend. I don't know just how ready I will be due to the four screws that I had put in my shoulder 8 weeks ago. It is getting better I just still can't lift anything over 2-3 pounds or get it to bend anywhere near my back :( My physical therapist (Eric) says I am right where I should be but I am having a hard time with my restrictions.

For those of you that don't know about the little injury, I tore my labrum 40% of the way around doing a side plank in yoga in March of 2006. My hand was numb for a year and my whole right arm and shoulder hurt for a year while doing rehab to fix something that my doctor told me was nothing. Well the Orthopedic guy I finally went to see in May said otherwise and worked his magic and hopefully has fixed it! I am still about a month away from being allowed to go back to yoga, but yes i am going back.

Bart, after quiting his job in February did some consulting for a few months. But at the end of May was given a great job offer and took it! He is enjoying it and it is keeping him very very busy. It also is taking him all over the place. All ready he has been to the Dominican Republic and managed to not catch anything :) When he's not at work he is at work for me. He is looking forward to his week of fishing up in Wyoming this September.

Hunter is going into second grade this year. He has become a reading machine! He likes to read to Jorden and she is quite happy to let him. He is looking forward to soccer starting again and loves to roller blade, ride his Heely's and his bike.

Jorden is only 26 days away from being in all day kindergarden and she would be much happier if she was 0 days away. She is our little social bug and is going to make us all crazy with all of the 'can i go play with Lizzy' questions. She spends her days lately dressing Ellie (her American girls bitty baby) or wiggiling her loose tooth.

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