Monday, August 27, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Well it is official! They are both in school. Hunter woke up this morning and was ready to go by 7:15. That boy wanted to get back to normal! Jorden on the other hand got up and had a little bit of a hard time getting moving. We made it though, tomorrow could be interesting.

As you can see Hunter has finally gotten a little bit taller than his little sister this summer. He has grown a ton!

He also has grown an opinion about what his hair should look like so this week
we are spiking it. :)

Here is my 'big' girl who isn't so big. We did manage to get out the door this morning without any melt downs over clothes or hair or shoes! I swear she has already hit the preteen phase. FUN :)

Hunter hoped right into class ahead of us and couldn't even slow down to say bye. Did I mention he was excited about being back at school?

Almost every other kid in her class had tears but not Jorden. She was more interested in the play dough sitting in front of her. I think she was irritated that I wanted to say bye to her - I was taking up play time.

No tears this year ~ not even mom. I am looking forward to picking them up and getting the update on everything that happened today!


wog said...

Hey Erin! Your kids are so adorable and so BIG! ;) It's been fun to catch up on your blog! (I want to be in the ribbon room!)

Keri said...

awe.. they are so cute! I think Jorden was a frtus when you lived here. ;)

The Farnsworth Family said...

I am a little jealous that your kids are in school all day long. I hope you are enjoying your time :) Your kids are so stinkin cute too!