Monday, May 24, 2010

Life by the numbers......

in the last 17 days I have run 140.8 miles trying to secure an invitation to a sold out race... I think I might just get one too :) really looking forward to June 1st when I feel like I can do something other than run though

there are only 12.5 school days left - everyone is pretty excited about this one

I get the daily countdown from Bart "only 39 days until vacation"

24 days until Wasatch Back - nervously excited - only 15.3 miles of crazy uphills I should be training for - but the are no HILLS in Dallas!

how can you do 11 loads of laundry in 1 weekend and still have clothes that need washing?

Jorden is moving from 2 hours of gymnastics practice to 4 hours a week in a few weeks - do you think that will make her tiered? (I am not betting on it)

1 fish was caught this weekend by Hunter during the father's and son's camp out

there are 31 weeks left of me being 31 so I need to come up with some things I want to get done - I have a few floating around my head but could use some suggestions - you got any?


Leslie said...

This seriously made me laugh. One of my memories that sticks out the most from us being kids is your countdowns. You always had everything counted down to the second. I never had to do it because all I had to do was ask you! LOVE IT!

Ashley said...

Go erin! When are you guys headed to utah?