Sunday, May 9, 2010

Monograms, Pearls, bumblebees and Sauconys.....

Happy mothers day! Today caused me to pause and reflect on how I am a mother,
how I learn to be a mom to these crazy two kids.
How I continue to evolve into something closer to what I want to be.
Each of these things reminds me of beautiful, strong, patient, problem solver, chauffeur, peace maker, chief, independent, tough women and mothers I have known. They have taught me to be who I am, I couldn't be here without them. There are days that these women make me laugh when all you could think to do is cry, they help keep the not so normal things of life in perspective. So to all the women who I have had in my life, past present and those still yet to come, Happy Mother's Day - you help make this journey a whole lot more fun!

A couple little clips to enlighten your mother's day. I hope they can touch your soul as much as they did mine.

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