Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome back!

Welcome back! After a much need but very unanticipated or planned blogging break I am back.
Here is a quick recap of what has transpired in the months since last I wrote....

December: We had a fantastic Christmas here in Texas. We even got snow on Christmas eve! We were enjoying each others company so much we all forgot to pick up our camera - oopps!

January: Officially entered into my thirties by turning 31. Started taking a picture everyday. I am hoping this will help my photography skill but also be an interesting look back through the year. I have missed a few days here and there but seem to be keeping up pretty well which for being 4 months in is pretty good. Want to see them? The Bailey Daily Life Through the Lens

February: Jorden turned 8. We got some EPIC snow and Jorden began her first gymnastics meets on the team.

March: Jorden got baptized. Spent a perfect week in Jackson Hole for Spring break - lots of relaxing and enjoying our beautiful surroundings. Hunter made it to double digits, and spring soccer started. The smaller set of people got glasses.

April: We ran the Salt Lake Marathon, again! Got a PR of 5:09:01 even without properly training. Can't wait to see what I can do in November with the right training... stay tuned!

So now it is May, we are all caught up and on our way to discovery, laughter, peace and joy.... come along won't you!

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