Friday, November 7, 2008

4 weeks to 100 things about me... installment #1

1.  My whole name is Erin Anne Bailey
2.  I have 3 sisters (Megan, Lauren, and Doireann)...
3.  and 3 three brothers (Michael, Matthew, Morgan)
4.  My birthday is New Years Day
5.  There is 19.5 years between me and my youngest sister
6.  I have 2 munchkins... (Hunter who is 8 and Jorden who is 6)
7.  I have been married for almost 10 Years (11/27/08)
8.  In those 10 years we have lived at 6 addresses in 4 states
9.  but we have spent the last almost 6 years here in Texas
10.  I love to see movies, and feel lucky to have a girlfriend who goes to the early show on Fridays with me while the kids are in school
11.  My favorite colors are red, pink, green and orange
12.  My favorite ice cream is Haggen Daz Belgium Chocolate
13.  I LOVE to run
14.  I am learning to love cycling and swimming too 
15.  I constantly have a to do list going in my head but can never remember all of it
16.  I don't mind doing the laundry, I just have a had time getting around to folding it
17.  I really don't like to cook
18.  I can't do anything half way, always over the top
19.  I still love Yoga, even though I tore my shoulder up pretty bad doing it
20.  I have a weakness for red shoes (boots, sandals, flip flops...)
21.  Who am I kidding I have a weakness for all shoes  :)
22.  I am very creatively driven, just don't have a lot of time lately to get any of it done
23.  I took piano lessons for 13 years
24.  but I still won't play for any one
25.  I love Love LOve LOVe LOVE the Christmas season (which will be arriving at our house in the next week or so)

Today I am thankful for  a husband who can tell when I need help getting caught up, even though I don't ask, and takes a half day to make it happen  :)

See you again tomorrow!

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