Monday, November 3, 2008

School Pictures 2008

We have also had school pictures in the last 30 days.  Picture packages have come a long way, now you can get them on a cd.  So enjoy...

We oh so love the crazy eyes.... but opted to not do retakes... mostly because this is what he looks like a lot of the time right now and they caught it!  :)

Can you see the mischief in her face.  Such a classic Jorden look!

As a side note we are getting a little bit of a late start to 30 days of thanks, but today I am thankful for mothers.  I am thankful that I get to be the mom to these sweet little folks even on the hard days.  But I am even more thankful for my mom who is leaving her life for a week so Bart and I can celebrate 10 years of being married.  Thanks for bailing us out kind of last minute Mom.  I know it isn't easy to pick up and leave for a week.

See you all tomorrow!

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