Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where, oh where to start????

Due to requests for Halloween pics we will start at the end and work backwards...

By the end of the night Hunter was "so annoyed" (his words)by all the attention he was getting from EVERYONE! We didn't walk past one person who didn't have to say something.... deep down I think my little class clown loved it though...

Bart's Pumpkin.... always advertising for me :)

Hunter's pirate pumpkin

Jorden's self portrait pumpkin

My chalk board painted and colored pumpkin (no insides to clean out)

If you have a minute or two head over to for a look at the most amazing race I got to participate in last weekend. Not much can make me give up a trip to Ireland but the idea of being able to do it again next year with the amazing women that went with me sure did the trick!

See you all again tomorrow!

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